About me

Hello! My Name is Harry Gohil. I am a Photographer and retoucher, based in UK. My interest in photography was sparked in 1972 with a Yashika 635.  My brother was in to photography at that time and every night, after everyone was asleep, I would watch him develop and print his photographs.  Though he is no longer in photography, I remain keenly interested. 

I bought my first Pentax in 1979.  My second Pentax was ME Super which I have to this day.  With the advent of the digital age I purchased the 6 Megapixel Sony Cybershot.  I later graduated to the Canon 5D.

Today I shoot mainly in
RAW formate with my favorite camera, the Canon EOS
1DS Mark lll gifted to me by my family.

I have accumulated a large quantity of digital photographs that I would like to share with my friends and family.  Along with this, I have also acquired some knowledge in photographic post processing that I would like to share with aspiring and established photographers alike. To this end, I have launched my website pphotographi.com. The name stands for "Parmochcha Pratibimba" it is a Sanskrit word.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my photographs as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.  Your comments on my photography are most welcome of course.  Thank you very much for visiting my website.

If you would like to take advantage of my skills or would like to purchase any of the photographs, then please contact me directly through the Contact link and I will return your message as quickly as possible, alternatively you may e-mail me directly on

I look forward to hear from you.